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Quick Workout Breakdown – Kettlebell Pyramid workout – 3 min – w/ Coach Anthony – Build Lean Muscle

Equipment: Kettlebell

  1. 1 Arm snatch (alternating)
  2. Push ups (pyramid down each set 10-1)
  3. Hike swings w/ Dead stop
  4. Goblet squats
  5. Curls

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Quick breakdown – Core Workout – w/ Coach Anthony

Equipment: None

6 Exercises, 36 sec on / 14 sec to get set, 5 rounds straight thru

  1. High knees
  2. 3 Count M/C w/ legs to push up
  3. 3 Count M/C w/ arms to toe touches
  4. Double leg crunch
  5. Static V-up
  6. Up and outs

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